10 Ways to Keep Fit Whilst Travelling

10 Ways to Keep Fit Whilst Travelling

People often wonder how I maintained my healthy figure while travelling full time. Though I jokingly blame my budget, there are definitely some tricks to being fit. It is basically wanting to maintain my health in order to continue travelling and since being on the go requires a lot of movement, I need to be in good physical shape enough to keep up.

People often count their travelling days as cheat days for eating and exercising since their typical diet or workout routine are not applicable. But this is a major misconception since it’s extremely easy to keep eating healthy and stay active no matter what country you go to. You don’t need to “let yourself go” just because you are on a trip.

I am what you call a health-food fanatic or fitness queen since I only eat fish and vegetables, a pescatarian to be exact. I love pizza and wine but I am not into fitness training or going to the gym, so it’s just these tips that keep me in shape.

1. Always Start with a Big Healthy Breakfast

This might sound like a cliché but breakfast can fuel your energy for the entire day as well as get your metabolism active. Moreover, a lot of hotels provide free breakfast so for budget travelers, this is a great opportunity to stock up.

2. Have at least one yogurt per day

It’s one of my daily routines whether I’m staying at home or travelling. It started out as a part of my breakfast regimen because it was filling and inexpensive. One time when I was in India, I found out that it regulates your digestive system and prevents diarrhoea or bloating. It can also help regulate the PH Balance of your vagina which keeps it fresh and healthy.

3. Drink tons of water to stay fit while travelling

Drinking plenty of water is always advisable no matter what you are doing. The same goes when travelling. Water will keep you full and hydrated, steering you away from drinking unhealthy drinks like soda. Clean bottled water is accessible anywhere but if not, consider getting a quality self-filtering water bottle which is also a good investment.

4. Take the stairs and work those glutes

Taking the stairs is a great exercise but the elevator always looks tempting especially when you are carrying a lot. You can consider it as a challenge or a personal training opportunity and a time to work out your glutes. The hard way is the way to success.

5. Make Tea your new favourite drink

Drinking tea has been proven to promote good health. It is even sometimes considered therapeutic. Not only does it provide energy for your activities, it also has antioxidants that protect you against pollution and it regulates your metabolism as well. These benefits should be enough to make you want to start drinking tea.

6. Have a granola or protein bar in between meals

You can temporarily sate your hunger as well as keep your metabolism pumping by consuming a granola bar or protein bar in between meals. They are easy to carry so you can bring them in bulk or you can just purchase some at any convenience store.

7. Buy groceries instead of eating out

This is a great tip for budget travellers. Buying groceries when travelling instead of always eating out can help you save money as well as prevent you from over-eating. It’s also a great way to maintain your healthy diet. You can buy oatmeal, soup, tea, popcorn, and eggs then use a tea kettle or coffee maker heat them.

8. Know exactly what you’re eating

Delicious foods may not be always healthy. Take, for instance, salads with fancy dressings that you don’t even recognise or meticulously arranged entree. It is best to ask when you are not sure. Better yet, do your research before travelling. Food blogging is a trend nowadays. Bloggers often share and describe the best place to eat in a certain place.

9. Walk instead of ride to stay fit while travelling

Short distances can easily be covered by your own two feet. You don’t really need Uber to get to a specific venue only a few blocks away. Instead, walk and burn some calories. That way you can appreciate the local scenery, meet some locals along the way or just enjoy the fresh air. Unless you are in an unsafe neighbourhood or have an impending physical condition, there is no reason why you should take a vehicle. Take a stroll and smell the breeze.

10. Flex when you walk and get involved with the locals

Gym instructors often give out a little fitness trick, which is to flex while you use the treadmill. The same goes when you are walking so flex your muscles when you can. Wear comfortable basketball apparel so you are free to move and keep your basketball jerseys handy in case you want to join a street game guaranteed to keep you fit on the move.

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