Top 3 Best Business Hotels Around The World

Top 3 Best Business Hotels Around The World

Flying to another city for business can often prove to be tiring and uncomfortable. Aside from the hours spent waiting inside airports and seated on planes, there is also the dilemma of choosing which hotel to stay in. Lucky for you jet-setting business people, there are 5-star hotels strategically located near central business districts that boast amenities and services fit for your busy lifestyle. Below are our top 3 best business hotels for the best trusted business advisors around the world. These properties are truly constructed for excellence.

The Peninsula, Hong Kong

There is just something about Hong Kong that lures foreigners in to start a business. In fact, it has been the titleholder of being the freest economy in the world for over 20 years. Multi-billionaire businessmen roll up in expensive cars or land in style with their own helicopters in this Southeast Asian country. But whatever form of transportation you choose to boast their success and worker productivity, The Peninsula will give an equally luxurious welcome.

The Peninsula is the epitome of the marriage between traditional Oriental service and the modern necessities of today. If you came for business, you will love the fact that all 300 rooms and suites have free international phone calls and a bedside tablet fluent in 11 languages. There is also the Roman-themed pool and spa that screams elegance as well as a team of highly professional concierges, sommeliers and room service experts.

The Taj Mahal Palace, India

There is no other place in India that has better, more extravagant service than the Taj Mahal. Famous people such as Mick Jagger and Barack Obama himself have grazed its corridors. And the wide array of bars, coffee shops, and restaurants make the place much more charming. The interior design of Taj Mahal is an eclectic mix of all of its architectural inspirations: European, Anglo-Indian, and Mogul.

To complement this is the most impressive team of hotel staff and waiters in the whole of India to meet you after your small business coach training. Inside you can also find an English bookstore, a nightclub, and a pool and spa. And if you’re up for an adventure, you can stay in one of the rooms at their refurbished section which includes a suite that the Beatles once stayed.

Aman Tokyo, Japan

Tokyo is one of the busiest cities in the world when it comes to business. But since space is considered a luxury in this crowded Japanese capital, one would tend to wonder where the rich and famous stay. And this is why the city’s most decadent hotel, the Aman Tokyo, is on this list for large and small business advisors.

As a brand, Aman’s other locations often eliminate any traces of the modern world. The Aman in Tokyo, however, fully and completely embraces technology and all the modern necessities of men. The floor-to-ceiling windows enable guests to witness the hustle and bustle of the whole metropolis. But inside at the center is a cavernous lobby that lures anyone to be calm.

Some traditional habits, however, are still being kept inside the hotel to separate the guests from the noise outside. Before entering their rooms, guests are encouraged to leave their shoes outside and are given the option to have a Japanese bath. Even the exquisite food at their restaurant boasts an East meets West blend.

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